Bonding with autoBondFixes set to true deletes all Bluetooth devices from Sony phones

  • Hi,

    Hope you're doing well despite the strangeness of these times we're currently experiencing.

    Multiple users are reporting that their Sony phone is deleting all the bonding keys they have stored after connecting to our wearable device using our app.

    So they need to pair again with their Bluetooth speaker or other devices they might use, which is a big pain for them.

    1. Could you take a look at the configuration I'm using and provide some advice? Otherwise my course of action would be to set autoBondFixes to false.
    2. Does anyone in the community use the autoBondFixes without issues?

    BleDeviceConfig parameters

    • autoBondFixes = true
    • autoNegotiateMtuOnReconnect = false
    • tryBondingWhileDisconnected = false
    • bondingFailFailsConnection = true
    • alwaysBondOnConnect = true
    • forceBondDialog = true
    • useLeTransportForBonding = false

    Phone models:

    • Sony Xperia J8110 (Android 10)
    • Sony Xperia G8141 (Android 9)
    • Sony Xperia H8324 (Android 10)
    • Others, I'm gathering the data

    Thanks a lot
    Be safe, all the best!

  • Same happened to our Sony users, I have seen code related to this inside SweetBlue APIs but can't remember where but it does check for "Samsung" and "Sony" manufacturer Strings.

    I fixed it with this:
    cfg.autoBondFixes = false
    cfg.tryBondingWhileDisconnected = false

    It will still autoBond when connecting