Trial Key not working in Android library package

  • Hi,

    for my company I would like to test sweetblue, but I get always an "InvalidApiKeyException". We have a multi module setting and I put sweetblue in library module which is used only in this app. I used the lib module package name to get a trial key: com.XXX.lib_sweetblue. And it's not working.
    Is the app module package name needed? Would be bad, bc, the app module wires only everything together via DI. There is no business logic.

    Best regards,
    R. Hilse

  • Yes, the API key is meant for an application which uses SweetBlue. I don't see why it'd be bad in your case, you can still just put the key file into the library module.

  • Hi ryanbis,

    thanks for your replay. But it didn't help. Neither when I use the application package name nor the library package name... nothing works. Still InvalidKeyException.

  • Managed it to make it work. What you need is the application id, not the package name. Very confusing.