SweetBlue 3.2.3 Release

    • Reconnection logic re-worked a bit, and simplified some. onConnectionLost was getting spammed a lot. Basically, see here for the details (check out the Custom Filters section).
    • Fixed group id for sweet_unit module's dependencies
    • Fixed possible NPE when calling unbond on a null device
    • Fixed issue with RX module not honoring the defaultAuth/Init Transactions
    • SweetBlue now propagates the RSSI values when converting devices from a PendingIntent scan
    • Fixed possible situation when using ConnectionBugFix where the device ends up in a never-ending connection loop
    • Add some additional OS level checks for safety under the hood

  • Hi, I think there's a link missing for the first bullet point: "see here for the details".
    Other than that, great release! Improving stability and adding features.

  • You're right, thanks for pointing that out. It's been fixed now.