SweetBlue 3.2.7 Release

  • Due to a glitch in the matrix, 3.2.6 was skipped. 3.2.7 has been deployed to the artifacts server, and can be used now.

    • Added new UpdateThreadType option of HANDLER_THREAD. This will use a HandlerThread for SweetBlue's backing thread. When this is used, a Handler is passed into the connectGatt call, making all android callbacks happen on the SweetBlue thread.
    • Shut off annoying assert on android 10+ when trying to get the authRetry value (it no longer exists on 10+)


  • Hello @ryanbis

    With implementation "com.idevicesinc:sweetblue:3.2.7" and our lifetime license (debug key), we cannot launch our app due to the below fatal error, although it still works with sweetblue:3.2.5.
    Why has our lifetime license been expired?

        com.idevicesinc.sweetblue.api.ExpiredApiKeyException: The API key provided is expired, and cannot use this version of SweetBlue!
            at com.idevicesinc.sweetblue.api.P_ApiManager.verifyApiKey(P_ApiManager.java:51)
            at com.idevicesinc.sweetblue.internal.P_BleManagerImpl.<init>(P_BleManagerImpl.java:183)
            at com.idevicesinc.sweetblue.internal.P_Bridge_Internal.newManager(P_Bridge_Internal.java:52)
            at com.idevicesinc.sweetblue.BleManager.<init>(BleManager.java:214)
            at com.idevicesinc.sweetblue.BleManager.get(BleManager.java:159)

  • Debug keys do not work forever like a production lifetime license. Just email us at sweetblue@idevicesinc.com and let us know the package name, and we can re-generate a new one for you.