SweetBlue 3.2.0 Release

  • New Features

    • Added PendingIntent scan option. Simply pass in your PendingIntent into the ScanOptions object to start this type of scan. This allows your app to receive scan results even if your app isn't running. See the documentation here, or the javadoc
    • Added option equalOpportunityReadsWrites to BleDeviceConfig to allow reads/writes to have the same priority as connecting/disconnecting tasks. This allows reads/writes to get processed if there's a device which won't connect, and you have aggressive reconnect logic.
    • Added blockingShutdown option in BleManagerConfig. This option is false by default for now, but will change to true in a future update. This makes the shutdown() method blocking (to wait for all devices to disconnect first).


    • Fixed crash that could happen with BleSetupHelper where it tried to show a dialog.
    • Fixed some issues that were caused as a result of upgrading to the newest gradle version
    • Fixed ClassCastExceptions that could happen when using readMany/enableNotifies methods
    • Fixed disconnect_remote() to NOT put the device into the RECONNECTING_SHORT_TERM state to match the documentation
    • Fixed issue that could happen on phones running < 6.0 when trying to enable notifications/indications
    • Fixed some rare issues where the short term reconnect wasn't working
    • Fixed NPE that could happen when receiving native bond callbacks when the manager is in a weird state (not quite instantiated yet)
    • Wrapped internal stopScan method in a try/catch to avoid throwing an exception in rare cases